The new Honda Accord has managed to turn a long line of boring Honda’s around. The new Accord is fresh and exciting with a sporty exterior. The compact executive saloon has finally gotten the Honda Company recognized in this niche of the market.


This Accord boasts high levels of refinement and offers a fun and exciting driving experience. The body style has been improved here and there, and the car sports a new grille. There have also been some significant engineering improvements, and a diesel variant is offered with a six-speed manual gearbox. A lane-keep assistance package is available with the 2.4 petrol model.

The Accord was already a strong competitor and enhancements were minimal. The high-tech cruise control feature is unique and detects when the driver is wandering out of a lane. The car compensates and makes minor adjustments to move the car back into its lane. If the car leaves its lane by a substantial amount then the car sounds a warning alarm to alert the driver.

This unique tool is good not only for safety reasons, but it also minimizes driver fatigue. That can be very helpful, especially on long journeys. This is an excellent tool for both new and more experienced drivers.


The Honda Accord provides good value for cost. Honda is known for providing reliable and dependable cars so maintenance and repairs should be minimal. Opting for the diesel variant will save on fuel expenses and provide a more rewarding driving experience. Equipment levels are high even with the standard package.

The Accord is a good size for a compact executive saloon. Front passenger space is good but rear passenger space is only adequate. Taller passengers may struggle riding in the rear, and headroom is good for all passengers. The boot is a good size and the glovebox is decent as well.

The main controls in the Accord are large and easy to use. The displays are clear and crisp, and the main controls have been duplicated on the steering wheel for the driver’s convenience.

The car’s seats are large enough to accommodate most passengers comfortably and supportively. The cabin is elegant and comfortable and does a good job of filtering out road and engine noise.

Front passengers should have no problem gaining access to the car’s cabin. The doors are large and open wide while the seats sit plenty high enough for front passengers to slide in. Rear passengers do not have it quite as easy. The door opening is smaller but shouldn’t pose any significant challenges for most passengers. The boot is easily accessible via the key fob, but it can be a little tricky to close due to an extra springy hinge.

Parking the Honda Accord can be tricky. The car’s boot is hard to judge. Parking sensors aided by the use of the large side mirrors make the task accomplishable.

Life Style

The Honda Accord offers a fast driving experience without sacrificing comfort. The Accord is front-wheel drive, and comes with a good selection of peppy engines. The Accord’s steering is weighty and offers good feedback.

The Accord could be used as a family car for a young family. There should be enough room in the rear seats to accommodate small children. It is a comfortable and durable car, with good boot space that could easily accommodate the rigors associated with family life.

This probably wouldn’t be a new driver’s choice of first cars. It is expensive to purchase and comes across as a more mature car. The car is easy enough to drive however, and a novice driver wouldn’t have too much trouble adjusting to the quirks of the car.

The Accord’s quality is impeccable. The cabin quality is high and tasteful, and the Accord can hold its own with much of the competition. The public still views the Honda Company as a choice for more mature or retired buyers.

Security and Safety

The Accord sports the usual security features including remote central locking, an engine immobilizer, and an alarm. The car shouldn’t need any additional security, but a visual steering lock could be used for additional security.

Honda’s Accord comes equipped with airbags for driver and passenger safety, and other safety upgrades are available from the options list. Options include Honda’s lane-keep system.

The Finishing Touches

The Accord’s basic stereo system sits high on the fascia and delivers excellent sound quality. Upgrades are available from the options list and include a sat-nav system, CD changer, and telephone connection.

Dark colors suit the Accord seemingly giving the mature car a more refined look. Metallic colors are a good choice and help to keep resale values high. The interior cabin design is comprised of mostly dark colors but has a quality feel.


Honda’s Accord is a top-performer in the compact executive segment. It’s a peppy front-wheel drive with high all around levels of quality. The cabin’s fit and finish are excellent, and the car provides a sensible balance between comfort and performance.

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